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when i listened to these guys's song on purevolume.com all i could say was DAYUM.....these guys are awesome....they have great potential and i think they will make it real big in the near future....so help spread the word about them....they are on their "New Faces From Different Places" tour with Aiden, The Hurt Process, and The Junior Varsity touring all over the U.S. - check out their tour dates at www.myspace.com/theaudition and check out theAUDITION's website at http://www.theauditionrocks.com/index2.html

theAUDITION is one of the best bands ive heard in awhile, and ive only heard one of their songs....i cant wait to buy their cd....so spread the word about these guys cuz they deserve to be known throughout the world cuz they are just that good


Blogger Kdub says...

actually ive listened to some of these guys' other songs and they aren't near as good....we will see how good their cd is as a whole, but "You've Made Us Conscious" is a great song, ill have to check it out tho

12:10 AM  

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