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Small Steps

It's time to clean up and update Punk Rockers Unite. Here's what I plan to do before April comes around ...

- Clean up the bands; take off bands that broke up
- Add over 50 new bands (It's been over 2 years since I've added new bands so trust me there are plenty of new bands on the way !)
- Touch up the site with my newly found glorious web design skillz

I'll start with these small steps, eventually leading up to a fully-functional .com website !!


Bringin' it back!

To all you punk rockers out there who like this site, I just bought the domain for www.punkrockersunite.com, so before you know it, you wont have to put in that extra ".blogspot" anymore, and hopefully you'll enjoy the new site more. It's going to take me a little while because I got a lot of new things in store that I'm going to try and accomplish with my n00b web design skills, so we'll see how that goes.

Here's some of the new features I look forward to having on the new site:

  • Member Signup - Sign up and become a member!

  • Mailing List - Type in your email, and every time there is an update of some sort, your email will be notified!

  • Forums - Once you've become a member, you'll have access to the Punk Rockers Unite forum!

  • Song Lyrics - Everybody is curious about the lyrics of a good song when the band doesn't post them, and there's a lot of upcoming bands that don't have their lyrics posted on the internet at all, so my goal for Punk Rockers Unite is to have lyrics for all the great songs that are underrated or not posted anywhere on the internet. I will also be working on giving an option for the members of the site to submit lyrics for a song, and in return, receive +1 to their "Punk Rocker Score" !

  • Band Requests - This one will also be a tricky one to handle, but if all goes well, I want to have a feature where members can submit a band to me, and if approved by me, I will add it to the site and add +1 to your "Punk Rocker Score".

  • "Punk Rocker" Score - In order to keep things fun within a website, there has to be some sort of incentive or something to compete for, and I think this will add a good amount of character to the new site. I don't know of any other website that has something like this, so if I can get it to work out right, this site will be the first! If enough people get involved, there will be plenty more amazing bands to browse, more lyrics to search for, and it will be a competitive and fun competition that I may award rewards for, depending on the amount of people that participate.

  • And much more!

  • Also keep in mind that if I'm going to get all this done, I'm going to do it right, so it might take a little while to get it all finished and looking nice and sexy. There's also going to be a little more (but hopefully a lot more) traffic to the site once I get it up and running, so hopefully there will be a nice fanbase of badass punk rockers to talk to in the forums!

    - Korey Wilson

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    Band of the Week

    Every week from now on I will be posting the band of the week, and this is mainly just the band that I have listened to the most in that particular week. Keep checking back and see if your favorite band makes Band of the Week.


    11/07 - Mest
    11/14 - Mest
    11/21 - The Audition
    11/28 - Crash Romeo


    12/05 - Crash Romeo
    12/12 - The Starting Line
    12/19 - And Then I Turned Seven
    12/26 - Blink 182
    01/02 - Paulson
    01/09 - Radio Racer
    01/16 - Radio Racer
    01/23 - Jack's Mannequin
    01/30 - Jack's Mannequin
    02/06 - Cute Is What We Aim For
    02/13 - Relient K
    02/20 - New Found Glory
    02/27 - New Found Glory
    03/06 - New Found Glory
    03/13 - Fallout Boy
    03/20 - The Used
    03/27 - The Used
    04/03 - Too Sorry For Apologies
    04/10 - Secondhand Serenade
    04/17 - A Thorn For Every Heart
    04/24 - So They Say
    05/01 - Taking Back Sunday
    05/08 - Underoath, Race the Sun
    05/15 - Transition
    05/22 - Matchbook Romance (My Eyes Burn)
    05/29 - Angels & Airwaves
    06/05 - Angels & Airwaves
    06/12 - Something Corporate
    06/19 - Underoath
    06/26 - Red Lipstick Letter
    07/03 - Cartel
    07/10 - Cartel
    07/17 - New Found Glory
    07/24 - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    07/31 - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    08/07 - Sum 41
    08/14 - New Found Glory
    08/21 - New Found Glory
    08/28 - Mayfield
    09/04 - All Time Low
    09/11 - KiLLTaC (My comedy band)
    09/18 - Mayday Parade
    09/25 - Taking Back Sunday
    10/02 - Houston Calls
    10/09 - Taking Back Sunday
    10/16 - Taking Back Sunday
    10/23 - Brand New
    10/30 - Brand New
    11/06 - The Early November
    11/13 - Ben Folds
    11/20 - Hawthorne Heights
    11/27 - Hawthorne Heights


    12/04 - Mickey Avalon
    12/11 - Saosin
    12/18 - Saosin
    12/25 - Quietdrive
    01/01 - Pathway to Providence
    01/08 - Pathway to Providence
    01/15 - Pathway to Providence
    01/22 - Pathway to Providence
    01/29 - Dropping Daylight
    02/05 - Lannen Fall
    02/12 - Goot
    02/19 - Goot
    02/26 - Goot
    03/05 - Relient K(Full Album Preview!)
    03/12 - Armor For Sleep
    03/19 - Armor For Sleep
    03/26 - A Permanent Holiday
    04/02 - The Get Go
    04/09 - Remember the Day
    04/16 - The Get Go
    04/23 - Goot (NEW ALBUM)
    04/30 - Bullet For My Valentine
    05/07 - Better Luck Next Time
    05/14 - Escape the Fate
    05/21 - Amber Pacific
    05/28 - Amber Pacific (New Album)
    06/04 - Relient K
    06/11 - Relient K (New Album)

    To be continued soon...

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    The Best One Man Band Out There

    I've been following Goot's music for a couple months now, and I want to start off by saying that Goot is the greatest one man band I have ever heard. His name is Alex Gooter, and he started "Goot" in 2004 at the young age of 16. Now, at the age of 19, he has just announced the release of his newest album, entitled "Asleep at the Wheel", which can be pre-ordered at his website for only $8.

    Here's another thing I would like to bring up. A few of my friends have said that they don't like Goot because his band name is "Goot," which is about the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard in my life. If you can't respect this man for his extraordinary talent, then there is something wrong with you because "The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus" is no better of a name than "Goot." Goot at least resembles his heritage and represents his nickname, while "The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus" makes no sense at all. So I guess what I'm saying is: This man has more talent than most musicians out there, and he's making music that thousands of people like, so show a little respect and give him some credit because he's an amazing musician.
    You're only 19 years old man, so keep the amazing songs coming and you'll make it big soon!

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    Nintendo Fusion 2006

    Band Lineup

    The Sleeping
    Plain White T's
    Relient K
    Hawthorne Heights


    Seven hours ago I was walking into the doors that would lead me into a room full of about a thousand or more people similar to me. Not so much similar in appearance, but similar in taste of music. We were all waiting for Nintendo Fusion 2006 to begin, as The Sleeping was ready to kick it off. The Sleeping isn't really my style of music, but I'll still give them credit for their great talent.

    Plain White T's
    Next in line was Plain White T's. I saw them at Warped Tour this year as well, and they had a great show. Their instrumentals are great, and their singer, Tom, is an amazing singer. If you were to compare his voice from their album and from one of their live shows, you could barely tell a difference. That's when you know how good a singer's vocals really are.

    Emery was the next band to hit the stage. They were pretty decent, but I only listened to a few songs because I was busy getting autographs and talking to the Plain White T's band members. I categorize Emery in the same column as The Sleeping - A great band with alot of talent, but just not my style.

    Relient K
    As the interval from the end of Emery's show to the next band ended, the crowd listened closely and watched as Relient K came out to the Super Mario theme song, and they even did their own little hop to match the hopping noise in the Super Mario theme song. A pretty clever idea if I do say so myself. It was a great way to start off their show. Matthew's piano skills and vocals sounded amazing, all the instrumentals sounded good, and it turned out to be a rockin' performance. They played a couple brand new songs, and they sounded pretty amazing. Their new album comes out March 6, 2007.

    Hawthorne Heights
    Finally, the band that everybody wanted to see the most - Hawthorne Heights. I personally like Relient K more than Hawthorne Heights, but Hawthorne Heights had a pretty amazing live performance. Their lead guitarist is amazing. Not only does he play lead; he also does all the screaming. Most bands would need two people to fill those two roles(Underoath, for example), but this guy is just that good. He plays an amazing lead, and his screaming actually has meaning and sounds good. As for the band as a whole, they sounded pretty good, and I ended up buying their newest album (If Only You Were Lonely) for only $5. I thought this was a pretty fair deal, so I now own Hawthorne Heights's new album. They played a great show, and they got the job done.

    Nintendo Fusion 2006 was a great experience, and though it was not as good as Warped Tour, I had a great time and I enjoyed watching every performance, getting autographs, and buying souvenirs. To say the least, it was an experience I won't ever forget.

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    Songs that Sound the Same

    I've listened to so much music; heard so many different bands - it's unreal. Some bands are completely different, and their sound is so much more unique than all the other bands. But...here's some songs that have almost the exact intros, but are two completely different songs.

    Similar Drum Intro

  • "Dance, Dance"
  • - Fallout Boy
  • "The Fight"
  • - The Classic Crime

    Same Guitar Intro

  • "The Great Escape"
  • - Boys Like Girls
  • "States and Territories"
  • - The Lifestyle

    Same Four Second Intro

  • "A Song For You"
  • - Boink
  • "Over My Head(Cable Car)"
  • - The Fray

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    Relient K

    Relient K has become one of the biggest bands of today's time. However, they did not just become famous overnight. They have put out 5 full albums if you include their bonus disc "Relient Christmas." Relient K started off their career with their self-titled debut album, which came out on April 25, 2000. Other full albums put out by Relient K are "The Anatomy of the Tongue and Cheek" (August 28, 2001), "Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...But Three Do" (March 11, 2003), and their newest album, "Mmhmm" (November 2, 2004). So as you can see, Relient K has come a long way to become the band they are today. They also have out a new EP titled "Apathetic EP", which features 7 new songs. You can listen to their newest song "Apathetic Way To Be" here.

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    Latest News ~ 4-27-07

    Maybe this is old news, but I think Allister might have broken up. The other day I got a message on Myspace saying that a new band has formed featuring members from Mest, Allister, Homegrown, and Showoff. This new band is called The Get Go, and their music is awesome, but since this new band has 2 members from Allister, I'm assuming Allister either broke up or they are on a hiatus.

    Check out the new band called The Get Go, which features 2 members from Allister.


    Allister...how could i forget about these guys. I've forgetten to add some very good bands because i know so many bands and i can't keep track of them all. Thanks for reminding me about Allister Connor. Here's what some reviews said about Allister on their PureVolume Page

    "Allister has saved pop-punk."

    "Raw and aggressive at times, but still has pop-sensibilities. This album is highly recommended."

    "...a solid album that incorporates sing-along choruses, fist-pumping riffs, and persevering vocals."

    "This is a great album and while Fallout Boy is good, I'm more proud to have Allister carrying Chicago on their shoulders."

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    Jack's Mannequin

    Jack's Mannequin may not be a well known band, but they should
    be. If you are a fan of Something Corporate, then you will love Jack's Mannequin. JM was a project started by Andrew McMahon, lead singer of Something Corporate. Something Corporate's new cd "North" was a good cd, but the Jack's Mannequin cd, "Everything In Transit", is much better. If you even like Something Corporate the slightest bit, then you should without a doubt buy "Everything In Transit," or at least listen to some of their tunes. With a lead piano, great vocals, the outstanding instrumentals, and the unreal lyrics - It's definately a cd worth buying. Check out their music video "The Mixed Tape" under all the bands to the right.

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    Radio Racer

    ~New News~

    Though they did not come right out and tell everybody this news, Radio Racer has replaced one of their guitarists. Guitarist Jesse was replaced by Poma. I don't really like this at all....Radio Racer already sounded great. Maybe it was Jesse's choice to leave the band, but either way...Radio Racer just doesn't look the same anymore. But...it's the sound that counts. Hopefully Radio Racer will sound better now, and hopefully they will be coming out with some new songs. They have a new song up on their PureVolume site called "My Signal" if you wanna check that out.

    I have found over 5 new great bands today, which will be added to the website. One of these bands that I found was a band that I'm sure hardly anyone has heard of....Arliss. I listened to them, and they were not too bad. It was later when I scrolled down a bit more. I read that Arliss had split up and moved on. Two band members from Arliss were not through with their musical careers, though. Singer Clark Rhodes and bassist Nick Dillinger set out to create a new band, a more powerful-sounding band. And they did just that. They met up with drummer Drew and guitarist Jesse, and they formed Radio Racer. I found Radio Racer a couple weeks ago, and they are now my favorite band. You can listen to Radio Racer by clicking here. I am, without a doubt, going to purchase their debut album "Away From California." The album SHOULD be in stores because Radio Racer is one of the best bands of their genre, but they are still not well known. You can purchase their debut album right here for only $9.

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    Amber Pacific

    New News ~ 4-27-07

    I'm proud to announce that Amber Pacific's new album is coming out on May 22nd. I've heard a couple of their new songs, and they sound amazing! I can't wait until their new cd comes out; it's gonna be unreal!

    Check out their new songs by clicking here!!


    ~ Old News ~

    Awhile ago, I read some horrible news off the Amber Pacific website. One of their guitarists left the band so that he could go back to college and become a pastor. He said that he loved being in the band and touring with the band, but he decided his future was as a pastor. As far as I know, Amber Pacific is still moving on, whether they will remain a four-piece band or add a replacement guitarist I am not sure of yet, but as soon as I find out I will post it so stay tuned.

    Until then, listen to Amber Pacific by clicking here

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    Crash Romeo

    New News ~ 4-27-07

    Crash Romeo has "somewhat" of a new song up on their myspace profile. It's entitled "Life Camp." If you knew Crash Romeo back in the day before they got fairly big like I did, then you may remember one of their best songs on their Myspace and Purevolume, which was entitled "Story of My Centless Life." This was my favorite song by them, but for some reason, they didn't put it on their album. They have changed a few parts in the song, such as a more powerful synth sound in the intro, and a more powerful and upbeat flow throughout the song, and of course, changing the title of the song to "Life Camp." I think this is Crash Romeo's best song, and it really gets you thinking. It's one of those songs where you just sit there and take in the lyrics, realizing that the song fits your life story perfectly.

    Click here to check out their new song, Life Camp!



    Crash Romeo has out 3 new songs on Myspace. They are touring right now, and their debut cd "Minutes to Miles" will be out May 30. To check out the new songs, click here.

    Crash Romeo is simply awesome.


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    Of every single band
    They're among the best
    So give them a hand
    Their name is Mest

    And theres my freestyle action for Mest...

    Buy Da Latest Album!!

    Get a MEST Myspace Layout!!

    Click here to listen to some of Mest's latest songs and videos.

    ~Latest News~

    Mest is currently on tour and it appears as though this will be their last tour. Their tour is called "So Long and Thanks For the Booze Tour." Though it is not yet official, it seems as though Mest is not going to last. You can figure this out just by their tour name. They are one of my favorite bands, and I don't blame them for breaking up. They were a great band and they didn't get the recognization that they deserved. I don't want them to break up, and millions of other people around the entire world don't want them to split, but you have to imagine how it is for the band. They have been touring, creating music, writing songs, and recording in the studios for the last 10 years together. Well, I hope this isn't farewell for Mest. Hopefully they can relax and take a break and get back together someday. Just know that you have millions of fans within hundreds of countries that are in support of all that you have done.

    ~Old News~

    Their latest album came out October 18 of 2005, and of course, the Wal-Mart in my town didn't have the cd, along with every other cd I want to buy. Their new album is slightly different from their early albums, but nonetheless, I love it and it's a great album that deserves the recognition. It's entitled "Photographs", which is titled after their main hit off the cd. It's an album that is definately worth buying if you are into this kind of music. So go out and buy it - you won't be disappointed.

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    ~Newest News~

    WORDS FROM TIM... 05/15/2006

    Hey everyone, it's Tim. Greetings from Miami, Florida!! I've been out here since May 8th mixing our new album. Mixing is a bizarre ritual that is the last step of making an album. A band spends months writing and rehearsing songs for an album. Then you go into a studio and spend a few more months recording it and listening to it under a microscope. Then after that, you mix it all in just 12 days!!!!!! Mixing is kind of like editing a movie. You shoot a bunch of film, then you take it to a person who helps you piece it all together. You can only hope that the person you've hired to mix your album (or edit your film) shares a similar vision or takes your vision to a higher level. The person mixing our new record is a guy named Tom Lord Alge. He mixed five songs off our last record, "Palm Trees and Power Lines", that turned out really well so we wanted to work with him again. He's mixed albums for everyone from Weezer, Oasis, Sum 41, Marilyn Manson, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, etc, etc.It's a rainy Monday afternoon here. Gavin Mackillop (our producer) just arrived today on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles. He's going to hang out in South Beach and help me supervise the next batch of mixes. So far we've mixed 5 songs...."Do It Alone", "Out of Phase", "Majoring in Minors", "Shaking" and "Start a Riot" (and they sound amazing!!). Today we'll start mixing a song called "Dead Living", which could end up being the first song on the album. After we finish mixing the whole album...I'll head back to LA. We're gonna shoot a new video in June.....and then we'll start rehearsing for a new tour that we're putting together for Sept/Oct. We haven't announced dates yet or what bands are gonna open for us, but stayed tuned to the website for more info. We can't wait to get out on the road and play some of these new songs live. We're just really excited to finally be putting out our new album and can't wait for you to hear it. The cd release date is September 12th. See you all soon!!!Tim

    ~Old News~


    Girls, Girls, Girls....and dudes, Have you heard the song "Dead Living" or "Start a Riot"? Or how about the one unofficially called "Shakin'" or the one that goes din-duh-duh-di-di-duh-din-duh-duh-din-di? No. Then you probably haven't been sneaking around our rehearsal studio lately with your ears to the door. We're hard at work getting a whole new litter of future Sugarcult classics together for album #3; it looks like we're going to get to work with the legendary and always well-dressed producer Mark Trombino. Mark used to play drums in highly influential early 90's band Drive Like Jehu; he's also produced records you might know by Jimmy Eat World, Blink182, Rock Kills Kid, Finch, etc. We've been friends with him for a few years, he mixed a few songs off our last record and recorded "Bouncing Off the Walls" off our first record; it's been a long time coming so we're excited to get into it with him. We want this record to take us places musically that we haven't gone before, we are ready to pour our hearts and souls into it and make it the best Sugarcult record ever, which is also why we are taking our time. The past few months have been the longest 'break" in the history of our band, we have been a band for over 6 years and have been going pretty much non-stop since Start Static came out over 4 years ago, so it's a good thing for us to catch our breath and re-charge our rock n roll batteries. Anyway, we appreciate you all being patient, it will be worth the wait!!

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    Straylight Run

    Well, I had heard that Straylight Run was good, but I didn't realize they were that good. They are pretty unreal and the piano is awesome. They are a great band, and I'm a big fan. Much more info is to be said, so keep in touch to see their upcoming tour dates and when their next album is gonna hit the shelves.

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    New Found Glory

    New Found Glory is in L.A. recording their new album, which should be out this summer. Touring starts April 1. To see their tour dates, click here

    Jordan Pundik - Vocals
    Chad Gilbert - Guitar
    Steve Klein - Guitar
    Cyrus Bolooki - Drums
    Ian Grushka - Bass

    "For New Found Glory, it’s not just a matter of having a chance banner year or fluke popular album that has kept the act at the forefront of the pop-rock scene.

    "Two years ago, the quintet released their most successful album to date, the Gold-awarded (now with sales approaching Platinum) Sticks And Stones. That album was the follow-up to the band’s self-titled, major-label, debut - which sold in excess of 500,000, generating their first Gold record." - PureVolume

    Latest news from an interview of NFG's guitarist Chad Gilbert....

    So far, NFG have eight songs completely demoed and ready to roll. And when they return to Morning View next month (they've all been taking a few weeks off to recharge), they hope to bang out an additional eight songs and then get down to the business of choosing a producer for the album. But is Gilbert worried that the new, "mature" tunes might alienate some of NFG's young fanbase? Not really.
    "Some of our most hard-core fans have heard some of the new songs, and they think it's the best stuff we've ever done," he said. "Even though the songs might be a bit more complex, they still have all the heart of our older music. So it's like the next logical progression."

    The rest of the article can be viewed here

    Get a New Found Glory Myspace Layout!!

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    New Yellowcard Album "Lights and Sounds" is out.

    Yellowcard Bio
    Yellowcard....started out horrible....they played straight punk with songs that lasted around 2 minutes and there was some screaming....luckily though, they got a new singer and changed their music style to pop punk/punk rock/rock, so they have come a LONG way to be the great band that they are today. They have some really good old songs also, from like their 2nd and 3rd cds....some of the awesome songs are "Rocket", "Avondale", "Powder", and some other real good ones that I always jam out to. Yellowcard has evolved to be one of the best pop punk/rock bands out there, and they are working on their 5th album, which is supposed to be much different than there 2003 album "Ocean Avenue". Ocean Avenue was a kick ass cd, so I hope Yellowcard's new cd will be just as good if not better.....here's what an interview of Yellowcard by the Rolling Stones shows....

    Southern California quintet Yellowcard are in the closing stages of recording their fifth LP, the follow-up to their 2003 breakthrough, Ocean Avenue. Frontman Ryan Key believes that, with this as-yet-untitled album, slated for release early next year, his band is growing up.

    "It's so different from the record we put out before," says Key. "The songs have lost that adolescent bounciness -- they've come into adulthood a bit. I mean, there are more things to write about that matter as an adult than there were when we were 19, 20, writing Ocean Avenue."

    Yellowcard's new album entitled "Lights and Sounds" hits stores on January 24, 2006. Their first single is also entitled "Lights and Sounds", which you can check out by clicking here

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    The Starting Line

    Get The Starting Line Myspace Layout!!

    Buy There Best Album For Under $7

    Not a bad 2nd cd by The Starting Line, but it definately isn't as awesome as their first cd "Say It Like You Mean It"....songs like "Up & Go", "Best of Me", "Left Envy Coast", and the rest of their great songs that I can't remember right now - The Starting Line's whole first cd is all great songs. I don't think it would have been possible for The Starting Line to come out with a better cd than "Say It Like You Mean It," but their second cd "Based On a True Story" is still great. The good songs off that cd in my opinion are #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #11, & #13, with #13 being my favorite. The Starting Line's music and definately their lyrics have changed. I would love to see a third cd come out very soon that is like there 1st cd and a little bit like their second cd, and then they will jam hard. They are an unreal band though, and their 1st cd will always be among my top 5 best cd's.

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    Two New Bands Evolve From Blink 182

    When will their debut albums be released?

    Plus-44 : Album is halfway done and the album is expected to be released in October.

    Angels & Airwaves : Album hits stores May 23. COUNTDOWN - ALBUM RELEASED (SIMPLY UNREAL...MY FAV CD RIGHT NOW)

    Plus-44 didn't just start up overnight. We could all tell that Blink was slowly falling apart, and they knew it, too. Mark and Travis thought up this project while Blink was on tour in the UK. But how did they come up with Plus-44? The code number used to dial into the UK : +44
    Plus-44's Website

    Tom Delonge, front man of Blink 182 and Boxcar Racer made the announcement of his new band Angels and Airwaves on the AbsolutePunk forums. His post was met with scepticism, but was later confirmed."Hello everybody, this is a first for me, but I couldn't wait any longer. I have a new band called "Angels and Airwaves" and it is the most amazing music I have ever made by a long shot. You all must know, I didn't want Blink to go on hiatus, but it had to....you all will learn why...soon, but I swear to god, I am two songs from finishing the best fucking album anybody has heard in 20 years. In the next couple of weeks, you will all hear about the new band as well as the movie that is being made to tell the story of the album. But no matter what is said, or talked about, no matter what rumors are started, this is the best music made in decades....It is so much more powerful, emotional and melodic than Box Car and Blink put together, that I am currently shitting my pants, and your pants as well....until you hear more, all I can say is hold on, and prepare - Tom. "I love my fans, and I promise I will not let you down, the music that we all grew to charish that was made, not only will continue, but it will be much, much better...."

    This post is by Tom Delonge himself and the rest can be viewed here

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    Punk O Matic, Blog Updating

    Punk O Matic....greatest game ever....not even jokin

    You can make your own punk music by creating different sounds on the drums, bass guitar, and electric guitar. I've been playing this game and updating this blog for hours upon hours the last couple days. I'm going to make the best music on this game possible, and then I'll let you all hear it someday. I will also be continuously looking for new bands and updating, and someday I hope that my website will be well-known and loved by all people who enjoy this type of music. I just need a little support. -Thanks to all of you that support me.- ~Kdub~


    Band Requests

    if theres any bands that you think are good but not on this site, just post the bands here and a link to listen to that band and ill check them out.

    Unsigned Bands

    theres some great bands out there that are for some reason still unsigned by a label....markis williams knows just what im talking about....markis williams is the biggest Saosin fan i know and it pisses him off hardcore that Saosin doesnt have a label because they are a great band

    another good band thats unsigned(at least im guessing they are unsigned because their songs sound like they are recorded in a garage not a studio) is Shore Road LI....click them under Links and check em out (Rescue is a great one)

    these 2 bands may not sound good in ur opinion, but u would be surprised how much better music sounds with a label and studio recordings....both these bands should easily have a label by now....whats the deal?

    if theres any more great bands that are for some reason still unsigned, post them here.


    Hometown Band - Win By Default

    Alright, Win By Default is a band that started in southwest Iowa(my hometown actually) and their songs are good, but they have 3 songs on the internet, which you can hear if you click the "Hometown Band - Win By Default" link on the right side of the homepage of my blog....their songs are recorded in their garage, so their music is nothing like studio music....so just imagine how good the songs would be if they got a record label and got some studio time in....Win By Default could make it big someday if they stuck with it and added some more time and effort and got a record label...They might get back together this summer for some shows near Iowa, and they have played a show with Plain White Tees, another great band that have good chances of making it big with some more time and effort. Once again, check out Win By Default by clicking the link below. Good luck Win By Default, hope you get back together and play some more shows this summer....You're a P.I.M.P. Joel




    All American Rejects (AAR)

    The last song that AAR had out on the radio was entitled "The Last Song", which simply stated that this song might be their last song that they would ever had, meaning that they would no longer be a band. I'm sure this angered and saddened many fans, but....AAR is back, fortunately. They will be putting out their 2nd cd & they have a new song that you can listen to if you click on the link on the homepage of my blog....The song kicks ass, so be sure to check it out. The new album hits stores July 12, so make sure to buy that if you like this kind of music(I know Brenna will be buying that cd and so will I, but I will beat her to it hah). I got to see AAR at this year's 2005 Vans Warped Tour and they were pretty good, and I got 2 autographs from 2 of their band members, so that was pretty sweet....so be looking for their cd when it hits stores July 12 and check out that link on the right side of my blog homepage to check out their new song "Dirty Little Secret" cuz it's a kickass song....


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    Amber Pacific

    Amber Pacific was a new band I got to see when I went to this year's 2005 Vans Warped Tour, and I actually think I liked seeing them the most out of all the bands there...they jammed the most and did 360's and shit and they had a stud with sweet hair and a soul patch and he did a backflip, which was pretty sweet....they jammed though and I think they are a great band right now and they will be an even greater band in the years to come if they stick with it, which I really am hoping they will....check out some of their songs by clicking their link on the right side of the blog homepage....I bought their new cd also, which is not sold in stores, but I think it should be because they are good, but check 'em out


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