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New Found Glory

New Found Glory is in L.A. recording their new album, which should be out this summer. Touring starts April 1. To see their tour dates, click here

Jordan Pundik - Vocals
Chad Gilbert - Guitar
Steve Klein - Guitar
Cyrus Bolooki - Drums
Ian Grushka - Bass

"For New Found Glory, it’s not just a matter of having a chance banner year or fluke popular album that has kept the act at the forefront of the pop-rock scene.

"Two years ago, the quintet released their most successful album to date, the Gold-awarded (now with sales approaching Platinum) Sticks And Stones. That album was the follow-up to the band’s self-titled, major-label, debut - which sold in excess of 500,000, generating their first Gold record." - PureVolume

Latest news from an interview of NFG's guitarist Chad Gilbert....

So far, NFG have eight songs completely demoed and ready to roll. And when they return to Morning View next month (they've all been taking a few weeks off to recharge), they hope to bang out an additional eight songs and then get down to the business of choosing a producer for the album. But is Gilbert worried that the new, "mature" tunes might alienate some of NFG's young fanbase? Not really.
"Some of our most hard-core fans have heard some of the new songs, and they think it's the best stuff we've ever done," he said. "Even though the songs might be a bit more complex, they still have all the heart of our older music. So it's like the next logical progression."

The rest of the article can be viewed here

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This is halarious. I got it off the website on the original NFG post I made. Good work Chad.

"I've got this inflatable Darth Vader that I stole off the roof of a Burger King. I went in and asked the girl at the counter if I could have it, and she said she didn't care, but she wasn't going to get me a ladder or anything like that," he laughed. "So I just kind of pulled myself up there, cut it loose and took off. And now Darth Vader is in the studio with us. And sometimes we play Wiffle Ball in the swimming pool, and Darth is brought out for that too. If someone hits Darth, it's an automatic home run."

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