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All American Rejects (AAR)

The last song that AAR had out on the radio was entitled "The Last Song", which simply stated that this song might be their last song that they would ever had, meaning that they would no longer be a band. I'm sure this angered and saddened many fans, but....AAR is back, fortunately. They will be putting out their 2nd cd & they have a new song that you can listen to if you click on the link on the homepage of my blog....The song kicks ass, so be sure to check it out. The new album hits stores July 12, so make sure to buy that if you like this kind of music(I know Brenna will be buying that cd and so will I, but I will beat her to it hah). I got to see AAR at this year's 2005 Vans Warped Tour and they were pretty good, and I got 2 autographs from 2 of their band members, so that was pretty sweet....so be looking for their cd when it hits stores July 12 and check out that link on the right side of my blog homepage to check out their new song "Dirty Little Secret" cuz it's a kickass song....


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Blogger brokaw97 says...

AAR's new cd is not bad. I like most songs on this cd. My only problem is that they have 2 many slow songs. Tyson Ritter (the lead singer) has a great voice to rock out to. The best songs on the cd are #1 Dirty Little Secret, #3 Move Along, & #5 Change Your Mind

5:43 PM  
Blogger Kdub says...

yea i definately agree that they have too many soft songs....they need to jam out a bit more....but they are still pretty damn good....and how could u forget about #9 Top of the World and #10 Straightjacket Feeling brokaw....i like mostly all of the cd and i love the intro on #5 but its an overall great cd

1:21 AM  
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