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Vans Warped Tour 2005

I recently went to this year's Warped Tour in Bonner Springs, Kansas (the town name is some funny stuff) and I had a great time. I saw All American Rejects(AAR), who is putting out a new cd to be released on July 12, which is pretty sweet. I also got 2 autographs from 2 guys from AAR. I saw Fallout Boy(FOB), The Starting Line(TSL), Amber Pacific, Senses Fail, and some other bands like Strung Out and The Transplants(The Transplants' drummer is the old Blink 182 drummer), but I had a good time there despite the weather being 90 degrees or so...almost too hot for a concert, but it was a good time....Amber Pacific was a new band I got to see and I think I liked seeing them the most actually....so check them out on the links on the right side of the blog, they are real good and should be a great band in the near future. Warped Tour is great, but try to catch it on a not-so-hot day or just sit in the shade alot and check out the fans that spray out water up there if they have them....Vans Warped Tour is a good time though if you get the chance to go.



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