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Amber Pacific

Amber Pacific was a new band I got to see when I went to this year's 2005 Vans Warped Tour, and I actually think I liked seeing them the most out of all the bands there...they jammed the most and did 360's and shit and they had a stud with sweet hair and a soul patch and he did a backflip, which was pretty sweet....they jammed though and I think they are a great band right now and they will be an even greater band in the years to come if they stick with it, which I really am hoping they will....check out some of their songs by clicking their link on the right side of the blog homepage....I bought their new cd also, which is not sold in stores, but I think it should be because they are good, but check 'em out



Blogger brokaw97 says...

amber pacific has a great sound, there one of those bands that dosent get much attention but if u havent heard of them u need to check out there music on the home page

1:48 AM  
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