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New Yellowcard Album "Lights and Sounds" is out.

Yellowcard Bio
Yellowcard....started out horrible....they played straight punk with songs that lasted around 2 minutes and there was some screaming....luckily though, they got a new singer and changed their music style to pop punk/punk rock/rock, so they have come a LONG way to be the great band that they are today. They have some really good old songs also, from like their 2nd and 3rd cds....some of the awesome songs are "Rocket", "Avondale", "Powder", and some other real good ones that I always jam out to. Yellowcard has evolved to be one of the best pop punk/rock bands out there, and they are working on their 5th album, which is supposed to be much different than there 2003 album "Ocean Avenue". Ocean Avenue was a kick ass cd, so I hope Yellowcard's new cd will be just as good if not better.....here's what an interview of Yellowcard by the Rolling Stones shows....

Southern California quintet Yellowcard are in the closing stages of recording their fifth LP, the follow-up to their 2003 breakthrough, Ocean Avenue. Frontman Ryan Key believes that, with this as-yet-untitled album, slated for release early next year, his band is growing up.

"It's so different from the record we put out before," says Key. "The songs have lost that adolescent bounciness -- they've come into adulthood a bit. I mean, there are more things to write about that matter as an adult than there were when we were 19, 20, writing Ocean Avenue."

Yellowcard's new album entitled "Lights and Sounds" hits stores on January 24, 2006. Their first single is also entitled "Lights and Sounds", which you can check out by clicking here

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Blogger Kdub says...

Yellow and their famous violin have come out with a new album - Lights and Sounds, in stores Jan. 2006.

Yellowcard's first single, "Lights and Sounds," premieres on EA's Burnout Revenge.

go to the yellowcard site under the links to listen to the song "Light and Sounds"

personally, im not impressed...they are trying to change their music style to "rock and roll" and they said they wanna play rock and roll and not the pop punk songs like on the "Ocean Avenue" cd, which is not what most fans want to hear, but we will have to check out the cd and see if this album will be as good as Ocean Avenue....im really hopin so

12:24 AM  
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