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Hometown Band - Win By Default

Alright, Win By Default is a band that started in southwest Iowa(my hometown actually) and their songs are good, but they have 3 songs on the internet, which you can hear if you click the "Hometown Band - Win By Default" link on the right side of the homepage of my blog....their songs are recorded in their garage, so their music is nothing like studio music....so just imagine how good the songs would be if they got a record label and got some studio time in....Win By Default could make it big someday if they stuck with it and added some more time and effort and got a record label...They might get back together this summer for some shows near Iowa, and they have played a show with Plain White Tees, another great band that have good chances of making it big with some more time and effort. Once again, check out Win By Default by clicking the link below. Good luck Win By Default, hope you get back together and play some more shows this summer....You're a P.I.M.P. Joel




Blogger brokaw97 says...

Win By Default is great. Their three songs on the internet are great even tho they were recorded in a gargage. They would have a chance to hit it big if they played some more a got a record deal. Everyone has 2 check these guys out. Represent Creston, Iowa proudly Win By Default

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

win by default sucks, there not going anywhere. trust me. if you want a good iowa band to listen to check out index case.

11:35 PM  
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