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Amber Pacific

New News ~ 4-27-07

I'm proud to announce that Amber Pacific's new album is coming out on May 22nd. I've heard a couple of their new songs, and they sound amazing! I can't wait until their new cd comes out; it's gonna be unreal!

Check out their new songs by clicking here!!


~ Old News ~

Awhile ago, I read some horrible news off the Amber Pacific website. One of their guitarists left the band so that he could go back to college and become a pastor. He said that he loved being in the band and touring with the band, but he decided his future was as a pastor. As far as I know, Amber Pacific is still moving on, whether they will remain a four-piece band or add a replacement guitarist I am not sure of yet, but as soon as I find out I will post it so stay tuned.

Until then, listen to Amber Pacific by clicking here

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