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Of every single band
They're among the best
So give them a hand
Their name is Mest

And theres my freestyle action for Mest...

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~Latest News~

Mest is currently on tour and it appears as though this will be their last tour. Their tour is called "So Long and Thanks For the Booze Tour." Though it is not yet official, it seems as though Mest is not going to last. You can figure this out just by their tour name. They are one of my favorite bands, and I don't blame them for breaking up. They were a great band and they didn't get the recognization that they deserved. I don't want them to break up, and millions of other people around the entire world don't want them to split, but you have to imagine how it is for the band. They have been touring, creating music, writing songs, and recording in the studios for the last 10 years together. Well, I hope this isn't farewell for Mest. Hopefully they can relax and take a break and get back together someday. Just know that you have millions of fans within hundreds of countries that are in support of all that you have done.

~Old News~

Their latest album came out October 18 of 2005, and of course, the Wal-Mart in my town didn't have the cd, along with every other cd I want to buy. Their new album is slightly different from their early albums, but nonetheless, I love it and it's a great album that deserves the recognition. It's entitled "Photographs", which is titled after their main hit off the cd. It's an album that is definately worth buying if you are into this kind of music. So go out and buy it - you won't be disappointed.

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Blogger Rusty!!! says...


8:26 PM  
Blogger Rusty!!! says...

OCT. 18!!!

8:26 PM  
Blogger Kdub says...

i now have the new mest cd Photographs and i absolutely love it...dont let the cover of the cd fool you...yes, it does look weird but dont even worry about that, the music speaks for itself...i think its way better than the previous Mest cd's, and thought the new cd does cost $20, it comes with a DVD of behind-the-scene action and tour events, its a halarious DVD, and its completely worth paying $20 for the whole package. if you dont want to spend the $20 on the cd and you decide to be a music pirate and just burn the cd then thats your choice, but just think how hard and long it took Mest to make this cd...this spent over a year or more in the studios, on tour, and simply spent a whole year of their life touring and making a great, new cd all to make their fans happy and then people just download and burn their cd in 20 minutes. now im not saying that you should go buy every cd out there because i realize that there are some cd's that only have a couple good songs and the rest of the songs are just filler songs, but look into the cd, if you love the band and you hear it from friends or somethin then buy it yourself. sorry if this offends anybody...

I also have boughten these cd's lately(thanks to 2 friends that got them in des moines)....

Something Corporate - "North"
Jack's Mannequin - "Everything In Transit"
JamisonParker - "Sleepwalker"
The Audition - "Controversy Loves Company"
Straylight Run's newest CD
Motion City Soundtrack's 2 CD's - "Commit This To Memory" & "I Am The Movie"

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Ben says...

Kdub i am so glad to finally hear u and the guys giving something corporate and jacks mannaquin some most deserving props. Also every check out The Academy is... trust me if u don't then u are missing out

9:26 PM  
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