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WORDS FROM TIM... 05/15/2006

Hey everyone, it's Tim. Greetings from Miami, Florida!! I've been out here since May 8th mixing our new album. Mixing is a bizarre ritual that is the last step of making an album. A band spends months writing and rehearsing songs for an album. Then you go into a studio and spend a few more months recording it and listening to it under a microscope. Then after that, you mix it all in just 12 days!!!!!! Mixing is kind of like editing a movie. You shoot a bunch of film, then you take it to a person who helps you piece it all together. You can only hope that the person you've hired to mix your album (or edit your film) shares a similar vision or takes your vision to a higher level. The person mixing our new record is a guy named Tom Lord Alge. He mixed five songs off our last record, "Palm Trees and Power Lines", that turned out really well so we wanted to work with him again. He's mixed albums for everyone from Weezer, Oasis, Sum 41, Marilyn Manson, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, etc, etc.It's a rainy Monday afternoon here. Gavin Mackillop (our producer) just arrived today on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles. He's going to hang out in South Beach and help me supervise the next batch of mixes. So far we've mixed 5 songs...."Do It Alone", "Out of Phase", "Majoring in Minors", "Shaking" and "Start a Riot" (and they sound amazing!!). Today we'll start mixing a song called "Dead Living", which could end up being the first song on the album. After we finish mixing the whole album...I'll head back to LA. We're gonna shoot a new video in June.....and then we'll start rehearsing for a new tour that we're putting together for Sept/Oct. We haven't announced dates yet or what bands are gonna open for us, but stayed tuned to the website for more info. We can't wait to get out on the road and play some of these new songs live. We're just really excited to finally be putting out our new album and can't wait for you to hear it. The cd release date is September 12th. See you all soon!!!Tim

~Old News~


Girls, Girls, Girls....and dudes, Have you heard the song "Dead Living" or "Start a Riot"? Or how about the one unofficially called "Shakin'" or the one that goes din-duh-duh-di-di-duh-din-duh-duh-din-di? No. Then you probably haven't been sneaking around our rehearsal studio lately with your ears to the door. We're hard at work getting a whole new litter of future Sugarcult classics together for album #3; it looks like we're going to get to work with the legendary and always well-dressed producer Mark Trombino. Mark used to play drums in highly influential early 90's band Drive Like Jehu; he's also produced records you might know by Jimmy Eat World, Blink182, Rock Kills Kid, Finch, etc. We've been friends with him for a few years, he mixed a few songs off our last record and recorded "Bouncing Off the Walls" off our first record; it's been a long time coming so we're excited to get into it with him. We want this record to take us places musically that we haven't gone before, we are ready to pour our hearts and souls into it and make it the best Sugarcult record ever, which is also why we are taking our time. The past few months have been the longest 'break" in the history of our band, we have been a band for over 6 years and have been going pretty much non-stop since Start Static came out over 4 years ago, so it's a good thing for us to catch our breath and re-charge our rock n roll batteries. Anyway, we appreciate you all being patient, it will be worth the wait!!

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