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Latest News ~ 4-27-07

Maybe this is old news, but I think Allister might have broken up. The other day I got a message on Myspace saying that a new band has formed featuring members from Mest, Allister, Homegrown, and Showoff. This new band is called The Get Go, and their music is awesome, but since this new band has 2 members from Allister, I'm assuming Allister either broke up or they are on a hiatus.

Check out the new band called The Get Go, which features 2 members from Allister.


Allister...how could i forget about these guys. I've forgetten to add some very good bands because i know so many bands and i can't keep track of them all. Thanks for reminding me about Allister Connor. Here's what some reviews said about Allister on their PureVolume Page

"Allister has saved pop-punk."

"Raw and aggressive at times, but still has pop-sensibilities. This album is highly recommended."

"...a solid album that incorporates sing-along choruses, fist-pumping riffs, and persevering vocals."

"This is a great album and while Fallout Boy is good, I'm more proud to have Allister carrying Chicago on their shoulders."

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Anonymous Anonymous says...

yea they suck

10:58 PM  
Blogger Kdub says...

First of all, you're being a little pussy and posting anonymous.

Secondly, you might think they suck but if you knew how much time and effort they put forth then maybe you would have some appreciation for them. You have no idea how hard it is to even play an instrument, let alone for a whole band to play in stride.

6:05 PM  
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