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Radio Racer

~New News~

Though they did not come right out and tell everybody this news, Radio Racer has replaced one of their guitarists. Guitarist Jesse was replaced by Poma. I don't really like this at all....Radio Racer already sounded great. Maybe it was Jesse's choice to leave the band, but either way...Radio Racer just doesn't look the same anymore. But...it's the sound that counts. Hopefully Radio Racer will sound better now, and hopefully they will be coming out with some new songs. They have a new song up on their PureVolume site called "My Signal" if you wanna check that out.

I have found over 5 new great bands today, which will be added to the website. One of these bands that I found was a band that I'm sure hardly anyone has heard of....Arliss. I listened to them, and they were not too bad. It was later when I scrolled down a bit more. I read that Arliss had split up and moved on. Two band members from Arliss were not through with their musical careers, though. Singer Clark Rhodes and bassist Nick Dillinger set out to create a new band, a more powerful-sounding band. And they did just that. They met up with drummer Drew and guitarist Jesse, and they formed Radio Racer. I found Radio Racer a couple weeks ago, and they are now my favorite band. You can listen to Radio Racer by clicking here. I am, without a doubt, going to purchase their debut album "Away From California." The album SHOULD be in stores because Radio Racer is one of the best bands of their genre, but they are still not well known. You can purchase their debut album right here for only $9.

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