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Nintendo Fusion 2006

Band Lineup

The Sleeping
Plain White T's
Relient K
Hawthorne Heights


Seven hours ago I was walking into the doors that would lead me into a room full of about a thousand or more people similar to me. Not so much similar in appearance, but similar in taste of music. We were all waiting for Nintendo Fusion 2006 to begin, as The Sleeping was ready to kick it off. The Sleeping isn't really my style of music, but I'll still give them credit for their great talent.

Plain White T's
Next in line was Plain White T's. I saw them at Warped Tour this year as well, and they had a great show. Their instrumentals are great, and their singer, Tom, is an amazing singer. If you were to compare his voice from their album and from one of their live shows, you could barely tell a difference. That's when you know how good a singer's vocals really are.

Emery was the next band to hit the stage. They were pretty decent, but I only listened to a few songs because I was busy getting autographs and talking to the Plain White T's band members. I categorize Emery in the same column as The Sleeping - A great band with alot of talent, but just not my style.

Relient K
As the interval from the end of Emery's show to the next band ended, the crowd listened closely and watched as Relient K came out to the Super Mario theme song, and they even did their own little hop to match the hopping noise in the Super Mario theme song. A pretty clever idea if I do say so myself. It was a great way to start off their show. Matthew's piano skills and vocals sounded amazing, all the instrumentals sounded good, and it turned out to be a rockin' performance. They played a couple brand new songs, and they sounded pretty amazing. Their new album comes out March 6, 2007.

Hawthorne Heights
Finally, the band that everybody wanted to see the most - Hawthorne Heights. I personally like Relient K more than Hawthorne Heights, but Hawthorne Heights had a pretty amazing live performance. Their lead guitarist is amazing. Not only does he play lead; he also does all the screaming. Most bands would need two people to fill those two roles(Underoath, for example), but this guy is just that good. He plays an amazing lead, and his screaming actually has meaning and sounds good. As for the band as a whole, they sounded pretty good, and I ended up buying their newest album (If Only You Were Lonely) for only $5. I thought this was a pretty fair deal, so I now own Hawthorne Heights's new album. They played a great show, and they got the job done.

Nintendo Fusion 2006 was a great experience, and though it was not as good as Warped Tour, I had a great time and I enjoyed watching every performance, getting autographs, and buying souvenirs. To say the least, it was an experience I won't ever forget.

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